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By Emanuel P
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    Upcoming Events

    SEO Tool Showcase: Innovative Solutions for Digital Marketers

    Thursday, August 29, 2024 – 7pm EST

    Join us for an enlightening webinar hosted by Emanuel Petrescu, founder of “How About Some Marketing?” and an expert SEO & digital marketing consultant from Toronto. This session will introduce a suite of custom-built SEO tools developed by our guest, Amin Foroutan, designed to optimize your digital marketing strategies and solve common industry challenges.

    Special Guest: Amin Foroutan is an SEO consultant with nearly a decade of experience in digital marketing. He specializes in technical SEO and creates Python-driven tools and browser extensions to enhance SEO performance. With a background in entrepreneurship and an MBA, Amin excels at integrating SEO strategies into broader business objectives. He contributes to the SEO community as a writer for Moz and is scheduled to speak at Brighton SEO San Diego. Throughout his career, Amin has developed various SEO tools for the benefit of the SEO community, including a recent AI overview impact analysis tool available as a Chrome extension. LinkedIn Profile Website

    As an SEO professional and tool developer, Amin Foroutan has crafted a suite of solutions specifically designed to address common challenges within the SEO field. Based on his extensive practical experience, these tools aim to streamline workflows and enhance digital marketing strategies. In the upcoming webinar, Amin will present several custom SEO tools that he has developed to bolster digital marketing efforts.

    These tools include:

    1. Chrome Extensions:

    2. Web Applications:

    3. Google Sheets Tool:

    4. AI-Powered Tools:

    Event Host: Emanuel Petrescu – With over a decade of experience, Emanuel has driven revenue growth through digital marketing channels for businesses across industries. As the founder of “How About Some Marketing?”, Emanuel is dedicated to providing straightforward, effective marketing guidance.

    Emanuel’s website► Emanuel On YouTube Emanuel On Twitter Emanuel On LinkedIn

    About How About Some Marketing?

    We help small to medium-sized businesses to become big businesses through education coaching and mindset reframing. ‘How About Some Marketing?’ is the go-to hub for straightforward, no-nonsense marketing guidance. We focus on clear, actionable strategies and resources designed for the everyday needs of small to medium-sized businesses. No jargon, no overly complicated tactics — just effective marketing insights that you can apply directly to your business for real results.

    How About Some Marketing? simplifies digital marketing for business owners and digital marketers so that they can understand and use the most appropriate channel for their business.

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