Supercharge Your Small Business: Top 5 Assessments to Build a Team for the Big League Webinar

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In this engaging conversation, join personal skills leadership & team coach Roxana Radulescu as she shares valuable insights on the importance of personal people skills and development in the business environment. Discover her company, All Personal, which specializes in leadership development especially for mid-senior professionals and start-up co-founders, team communication, motivation, and performance for long-term thriving results.

Learn about the use of assessment tools to measure business impact and explore different assessments for individual and team development. Gain practical tips on making effective people decisions for your business and understand the power of storytelling in marketing. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your marketing skills and connect with your customers on a deeper level.



This webinar discusses using assessment tools for hiring/managing teams and understanding how team members work best. Guest expert Roxana Radulescu explains the benefits and appropriate uses of various assessments like the GC Index, MBTI, Belbin, etc. Listeners will learn how to choose effective assessments to build high-performing, collaborative teams.

Guest Bio:
Roxana Radulescu is the founder of Allpersonal, an award-winning Canadian leadership and team coaching company. She has extensive corporate Learning & Development experience and now provides coaching to leaders, managers, teams and entrepreneurs.

Key Discussion Points:
– Importance of selecting assessment tools strategically based on business context and goals
– Comparing personality assessments like MBTI versus impact-focused tools like GC Index
– Using assessments to facilitate constructive team conversations and understanding
– Assessing co-founder compatibility when starting a business
– Measuring and improving team collaboration with tools like GC Index

Selected Quotes:
“What do you want to measure, what do you want to use them for? Because an assessment tool is just that. It’s a tool, and it will speak to you depending on the context that you’re in.” (00:08:19)

“I find that with the GC index, you can use it in any kind of business phase to complement the information that you already have to help you make your people aware of themselves and how they make their best impact and contribution, how you do it, and how you can do that as a team and work better together.” (00:32:10)

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About Emanuel P

Emanuel Petrescu, founder and host of “How About Some Marketing?”, is a Toronto-based SEO consultant passionate about enhancing businesses’ online presence. With extensive experience in website management and SEO strategy development, Emanuel specializes in SEO Audits and offers a comprehensive course on the subject.

About Roxana

Roxana is the founder of All Personal, a Canadian award-winning leadership and team coaching & training company. All Personal has been recognized with the Great Companies Global Business Award – 2023 for Leadership and Team Coaching. Roxana, an EMCC certified Team Coach, Professional Coach, Scaled OKRs coach, and a certified GCologist®, brings over 16 years of experience from international law firms to her coaching practice.

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