Hardwired for Stories – Mastering Business Storytelling

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Banner Webinar Michelle Spear - recording Hardwired for Stories - Mastering Business Storytelling

Learn from Emanuel, Joachim, and special guest Michelle Spear about the power of storytelling in business. Discover how storytelling can help you connect with your audience, increase engagement, and build a strong brand. Gain insights on crafting compelling founder stories, incorporating different storylines, and capturing impactful narratives from customers and employees. If you’re a business owner or marketing professional, this video is a must-watch to enhance your storytelling skills and elevate your business strategies.

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This transcript is from a marketing webinar hosted by Emmanuel Petrescu focused on the power of storytelling in business. Guest speaker Michelle Spear shares insights on how stories can help businesses connect with customers, employees, investors and more.

Key topics covered:

  • Benefits of business storytelling
  • Types of stories businesses need to tell
  • Story arcs and plot lines
  • Sourcing stories from founders, employees, and customers
  • Turning customer/employee narratives into compelling stories

Guest Bio:
**Michelle Spear** is an experienced coach and public speaking mentor. She has over 20 years of experience in coaching and social activism. Michelle is a member of Emanuel’s Toastmasters club and has helped him and others build confidence and skills in public speaking and communication.

**Emanuel Petrescu** is the founder of How About Marketing?, a hub focused on providing marketing education, coaching and resources for small and medium sized businesses. His goal is to help businesses gain more exposure and revenue through search, social media and advertising.

Key Takeaways:
“Stories make us human, and we are all hardwired for stories. We listen and we learn when a story is being told. Our emotions are stirred, and we connect with the storyteller, the hero, and the audience.” (Michelle Spear, 00:50:55)

“I really encourage you, carry around a a notebook or or use your phone or whatever you need to do and and capture stories on a daily basis.” (Michelle Spear, 00:54:24)

Michelle Spear first started working with newcomer women to Canada, helping them stand confidently in front of groups speaking of their experiences. Working with them,

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