Google Analytics 4 Basic Setup Webinar – How About Some Marketing?

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google analytics 4 webinar basic setup

🚀 Elevate your data game with our comprehensive Google Analytics 4 (GA4) webinar!
Expertly guided, this recording covers everything from setting up GA4 from scratch, integrating with Google Tag Manager,
to deploying it on your website. Ideal for small business owners, digital marketers, or data enthusiasts, this webinar
offers a deep dive into GA4’s essential configurations. Don’t miss the insights and actionable tips! Access the full slideshow presentation used in the webinar. Also, enhance your marketing expertise with our newsletter at How About Some Marketing,
and join our groups at Linktree for more invaluable insights. 💼🔔


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About Emanuel P – How About Some Marketing? Founder and Host

Emanuel Petrescu is a Toronto-based SEO consultant. Passionate about helping businesses enhance their reputation and online presence,
Emanuel has extensive experience in managing websites and developing and implementing SEO strategies. His expertise is in SEO Audits,
and he has developed a comprehensive educational course on this subject.

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