Brand Basics: A solid Vision, Mission, and Values Statement Webinar

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Emanuel, the host of “How About Some Marketing?”, takes us through an enlightening workshop presented by JD Thomas, filled with actionable marketing insights. This workshop is a must-watch for those looking to enhance their marketing strategies and branding efforts. Don’t miss out on future insights—subscribe to the newsletter.

JD Thomas, known for his boundless curiosity and dedication to advancing both individuals and society, plays a significant role in the realm of business and communication. His journey is marked by a relentless quest for knowledge and the desire to forge meaningful connections.

Contributions to Business and Communication:

  • Business and Communications Advisor:** JD employs a mix of tried-and-tested methods along with innovative solutions to support personal and professional growth.
  • Experience with Diverse Business Sizes:** From startups to Fortune 500 companies, JD’s guidance helps businesses of all sizes achieve their maximum potential.
  • Focus Areas:** His expertise spans across communication, business, and leadership, with the goal of fostering a society where individuals can thrive and maximize their opportunities.

Key Takeaways from the Workshop and JD’s Philosophy

The workshop, combined with JD’s philosophy, offers a comprehensive outlook on how strategic communication and innovative marketing can propel individuals and businesses forward. By integrating the insights from the workshop with JD’s approach, attendees can expect to gain a holistic understanding of effective branding, audience engagement, and leadership development.

Remember to view the full presentation for a deeper understanding of the strategies discussed.

Show Notes:
This webinar hosted by Emanuel Petrescu focuses on branding, vision, mission and values. Listeners will learn how to create effective vision, mission and values statements for their brand or business. The discussion covers how these statements form the core of your brand identity and strategy.


  • Emanuel Petrescu is the founder of How About Marketing, which provides marketing resources through newsletters, webinars and more.
  • Joachim Koh is the founder and CEO of Aspiration Marketing, a digital marketing agency.
  • JD Thomas is a business and communication advisor with Jade Strategic Relations. He helps entrepreneurs, SMEs and large companies with communication, leadership and more.

Main Discussion Points:
– What is a brand and why is it important? A brand is the public’s perception of your business. It’s a contract with the world about who you are.
– Your vision, mission and values form the DNA of your brand. They provide meaning and purpose that connects with people.
– Tips for writing effective vision, mission and values statements. Make them aspirational yet realistic, clear and concise.
– How to use your vision, mission and values statements – integrate them across all platforms, train employees, put them in key locations.
– Branding is an ongoing process of development, promotion and protection. Statements help guide decisions.

Key Quotes:
“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” (JD at 12:51)

“When you create these effectively, how do you utilize them? It’s every day in everything that you do on your website and social media.” (JD at 38:13)

“Write them down, come back to it, go back and read it again and say, oh, sudden, two days later, that sounds a little different.” (JD at 55:41)

JD Thomas is a voraciously curious person; always looking to find answers and connections that help advance individuals and society. From how we got to here, to how do we get there; JD’s insatiable quest to discover and share is a driving force in his life.

As a Business and Communications Advisor, JD utilizes a combination of proven methods and new solutions to help others in their quest to improve themselves and the world around them, whether individually or in their business.

JD leverages his experience with entrepreneurs, small to medium sized businesses, and Fortune 500 companies to provide guidance and tools that help business owners of all sizes reach their full potential.

From communication to business and leadership, JD is looking to help move society to a place where people flourish and maximize their possibilities.

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About Emanuel P – How About Some Marketing? Founder and Host

Emanuel Petrescu is a Toronto SEO consultant passionate about helping businesses enhance their reputation and online footprint. He has substantial experience managing websites and developing and implementing SEO strategies. His area of expertise lies in SEO Audits, on which he has developed a comprehensive educational course.

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