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Learn The 5 Keys To Having Customers That Will Stay With You For Years And Years – Webinar

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Martha Chan How About Some Marketing Webinar

Join Emanuel Petrescu, founder of How About Some Marketing, and his special guests, Martha Chan, a seasoned success coach and owner of Same Day Website and Best Coach For Me, as they engage in an insightful webinar discussing the key strategies for customer retention.

In this deep-dive conversation, they focus on the importance of building and nurturing customer loyalty especially amongst small to medium-sized businesses. Emanuel Petrescu introduces Martha Chan, praising her for the knowledge she has shared through her mentoring and coaching.

Throughout the discussion, the speakers underscore the significance of delivering more than what the clients are expecting, sharing a particularly memorable instance where Martha recounts how his support of a client facing a health crisis led to powerful testimonials and referrals. As she puts it, “Deliver More is about customer experience. Deliver more than what you promised…if you can deliver more than what you promised, all the better”.

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About Emanuel P – How About Some Marketing? founder and host: Emanuel Petrescu is a Toronto SEO consultant. He’s passionate about helping businesses enhance their reputation and online footprint. Emanuel has substantial experience managing websites and developing and implementing SEO strategies. His area of expertise lies in SEO Audits, a subject on which he has developed a comprehensive educational course.

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Martha Chan is a success coach, a serial entrepreneur and a consummate marketer who has owned 2 marketing agencies that served Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of small businesses in the past 30+ years. She currently owns and

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[00:00:00] Webinar: Learn the five keys to having customers that will stay with you for years [00:02:34] Interview with Martha Chan: A Success Coach and Serial Entrepreneur

[00:07:04] Five Keys to Having Clients for Life

[00:10:40] Discussion between Emanuel Petrescu, Joachim Koch, and Marta

[00:11:08] Martha Discusses Key Elements for Maintaining Lifelong Clients

[00:12:59] Creating Client-Relationships That Last a Lifetime

[00:17:34] Key Elements for Successful Client Relationships and Conversation about Upcoming Marketing Webinar

[00:20:58] Discussion on the Importance of Branding in Businesses

[00:22:16] Webinar on ‘How to have Clients for Life’

[00:26:18] Going Beyond Expectations in Client Service: The Story of Martha’s Company

[00:29:21] Keys to Having Clients for Life That Few People Do

[00:36:09] Recap of the Five Keys to Retain Clients for Life

[00:38:22] Determining the Balance in Delivering More for Clients

[00:40:09] Q&A: Maintaining Business Relationships in Different Professions

[00:40:57] Q&A: Discussing Consistent Delivery and Profitability in Business

[00:42:27] Q&A: Dealing with Difficult Customers in Ecommerce Industry

[00:48:53] Upcoming Webinar Announcement by Emanuel Petrescu

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